(cba:news) V803 Cen Bright Outburst March 30

Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Tue Mar 30 08:42:34 EST 2004

Dear CBAers,

I attach an announcement from Peter Williams about a bright outburst
("super") in V803 Cen.  We've observed such things before, and gotten
quite excellent data... but the seasonal timing is excellent, and over the
next few weeks it seems likely we'll have three-continent coverage.
Namely, Berto in S Africa, the usual suspects in NZ/AU, and Paul Warhurst
in Argentina (who will be there on a long trip).  This is too tempting to
pass up.  V393 Hya is showing a period which seems very stable - so I
think we can leave it for a couple months.  So let's REPLACE V393 Hya with
V803 Cen as the prime southern object.

SDSS1637-00 is still very good too. That has the added merit of permitting
North American coverage.


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Date: Tue, 30 Mar 2004 23:20:44 +1000
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Subject: [vsnet-obs 49121] V803 Cen Bright Outburst March 30

V803 Cen is currently undergoing a bright outburst:


CENV803    20040330.468    124        WPX
CENV803    20040330.486    124        WPX
CENV803    20040330.516    125        WPX


Peter Williams
Heathcote NSW

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