(cba:news) "Var Her 04"

Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Sat Jun 26 10:00:51 EDT 2004

Dear CBAers,

Just a follow-up on this fascinating new star in Hercules. So far I've
seen data from Tonny, Lew Cook, and Russ Durkee.  Looks like a really fun
star - with strong humps (presumably "super") and other structures in the
light curve that are stable or nearly so.  At 1839+26, it is rather
ideally placed for northern observers.  But I'm hoping I can persuade some
southerners to take a few-hour crack at it also.  We're a little
understaffed these days, due to the white nights of northern Europe, the
width of the Pacific, and Major Tom's relocation from Uzbekistan.  Any
coverage you can provide on this star will have a strong impact!

I imagine this is a new WZ Sge star, although secure knowledge on this
point may have to wait for quiescence.  But any hitherto unknown dwarf
nova erupting to 11th mag, now that's big news in any event.  Fire away
with all available weaponry!


RA  18 39 26.16
DEC 26 04 10        (2000.0)  chart at http://brucegary.net/nova2004/

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