(cba:news) Stars for mid-July

Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Sat Jul 10 10:16:17 EDT 2004

Dear CBAers,

Getting ready here to leave for a CV conference in Strasbourg.  Time to
clean up some loose ends...

Var Her 04 remains faint... but much more seriously, it is now too
heavily contaminated by its very close neighbor to study in unfiltered (or
any non-blue) light.  Unless it echoes, back into the shadows for mister
Var Her.  Very, very nice display of superhump signals though -
wonderfully intricate!  If it re-erupts ("echoes"), then vault it back
onto the northern list.

Berto tells me that V803 Cen has drooped down from its early July
supermax.  That's good enough for me - let's suspend for the year.  Quite
impressive coverage, despite a somewhat poor sky position - from Berto,
Paul Warhurst (in Argentina), Bob Rea, Greg Bolt, Peter Nelson.  Full 95
day coverage - from one supermax to the next!

It's a good time to start campaigns on V603 Aql and V1315 Aql - both
well-placed and available to both hemispheres.  Those are my top
recommendations.  It looks like we can put V1494 Aql to bed for the year
(very well covered by Bob Rea), and also RX1643+34 (kind of orphaned by
all the dwarf novae).  I remain very interested by V825 Her - but so far
have had trouble selling that one!

I hope, and expect, to write from France.  Better hustle now...


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