(cba:news) V803 Cen bright and probably humping (at last) (fwd)

Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Sat Jul 3 19:19:31 EDT 2004

Well, we were waiting for this!  About 5 days of time series, and we'll
have CONTINUOUS coverage of the whole 90-day cycle.


Hi all,

V803 Cen is very active at the moment at magnitude 12.6. This must be the
expected superoutburst and I am measuring the humping period at CBA

It looks that the overall cycle duration of V803 Cen is a bit longer than
was accepted, not so?

Since we had thunderstorms (so unseasonal here) last night, I have no
knowledge on thee exact starting time of the present outburst.


Berto Monard
Bronberg Observatory / CBA Pretoria

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