(cba:news) 2004 sayonara

Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Thu Dec 23 10:25:50 EST 2004

Dear CBAers,

A brief update before leaving for a quickie vacation...

Thanks to all, esp. Tom Krajci and Greg Bolt, for diligence on the WX Cet
outburst.  I kind of fell asleep on that one.  But it seems to be over
now, so I recommend moving that one off the menu.  Likewise, I recommend
moving FY Per and AH Pic off the menu.  Both of these stars will regard a
*very* thorough campaign in the near future (next year).  But with the
present deployment of troops, I don't think we can crack the
period-finding issues in these very quiet stars.

My recommendation in the north is aimple: FS Aur and BZ Cam.  Both stars
have longish periods (3.5 hours), so length is highly desirable!  In the
south, it's also simple: AH Men and RR Pic.  Except for FS Aur, which is
borderline at 14.3, these stars are plenty bright enough to survive that
brilliant Moon in the nights ahead.

AH Men and RR Pic also have 3hourish periods, though with intricate
structure.  So they too will tend to reward all-night over split-night
coverage - probably.

Back in the saddle about a week hence.  Enjoy those star-filled and very
long/very short nights!


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