(cba:news) V585 Lyrae!

Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Thu Sep 18 14:14:16 EDT 2003

Hi CBAers,

Well, Tom's announcement of humps in this star may portend a great deal.
As some of you know, this star has been bright for some time, at least 5
days, with no appreciable short-term variability.  (I think Tonny posted
some of those null reports to cba-news.)  Of course, this usually means
the star is a dud... a long-period star quite bashful about revealing
secrets to photometrists.

But the most interesting dwarf novae uncage their superhumps after quite a
long time, and V585 Lyr appears to be in that class.  There's a decent
chance that this signifies a weak secondary - undermassive compared to the
usual 0.1 Mo associated with this Porb.  That was demonstrably the case in
a few other dwarf novae - including WZ Sge - and is quite RARE.  So this
star, despite unfavorable seasonal timing, rockets to the top of the
priority list!

Nobody can get it for very long, but we have a good chance of patching
together short runs around the world to decipher the basic period
structure.  Follow it down into a tree.  Here are exact coords:
19 13 58.43  +40 44 09

V585 Lyr... welcome to the family.


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