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>Subject: FW: [IOTAoccultations] Robert Fried
>I had heard this plane crash story on the news, but did not learn who the
>pilot was until this note from Derald.
>Bob Fried hosted a photometry meeting in Flagstaff some years ago, when he
>had his residence and Braeside Observatory up on Mars Hill, behind Lowell
>Observatory.  Some time later, Bob and I and other members of the Saguaro
>Astronomy Club cooperated on video recording of a bright star occultation,
>visible from his observatory; the interview with Bob was shown on local TV
>in Flagstaff.  He actively campaigned for dark sky lighting reform in
>Flagstaff.  Later, following a divorce, he moved and built a large new home
>and separate observatory house and three-story observatory tower just off
>the road to the U.S. Naval Observatory, west of Flagstaff.  More recently,
>he and his second wife Marian donated the Braeside Observatory to Arizona
>State University, and he spent the past couple of years getting it set up
>for remote operation.  The Braeside 16-inch Cassegrain reflector is fork
>mounted, with full computer control (one of the first telescopes to be so
>equipped), with a multi-filter photometer head, all of his own design and
>construction.  For many years, Fried sponsored a summer student at the
>observatory, and did photometry on variable stars and cataclysmic variables,
>participating in the Center for Backyard Astrophysics (CBA) programs.  Fried
>originally did cooled-emulsion astrophotography with the 16 inch scope in
>the Atlanta, GA area (1960s and 70s), and was elected President of the
>Astronomical League two times.  He later moved to Denver, then to Flagstaff.
>Captain Fried retired as an L1011 Instructor Pilot with Delta Airlines.
>Here are some URLs with more information:
>Center for Backyard Astrophysics Network
>Here is the local news report on the crash in Black Canyon City, from the
>Friday, November 14, 2003 Arizona Republic (Phoenix, AZ), which does not
>identify the pilot:
>Arizona news briefs
>Nov. 14, 2003 12:00 AM
>Pilot dies in plane crash near Black Canyon City
>YAVAPAI COUNTY - One man was killed Thursday morning when his fixed-wing
>aircraft crashed in a remote area southeast of Black Canyon City.
>The pilot, who was not immediately identified, apparently had sent out a
>distress call, said Susan Quayle, a spokeswoman for the Yavapai County
>Sheriff's Office.
>A pilot with the state Department of Public Safety located the plane in
>Block Creek Canyon about 10:40 a.m., DPS Officer Steve Volden said. A
>sheriff's deputy from Yavapai County and a DPS paramedic were dropped off
>about 30 minutes later and had to hike to the wreckage.
>Quayle said details about the pilot and his flight plan were not immediately
>Gene Lucas
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>Subject: [IOTAoccultations] Robert Fried
>Sad news to report.  Robert E. Fried was killed in
>a plane crash Thursday.  He was flying alone from
>Flagstaff to Phoenix and crashed near Black Canyon.
>I learned of this on the noon news here in Tucson
>and verified it with a friend at Lowell Observatory.
>I do not know any of the details.
>Derald Nye

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