(cba:news) Lunar Invasions

Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Tue May 13 09:46:13 EDT 2003

Dear CBAers,

Well, despite the exciting prospect of this week's eclipse, we have the
gloomy spectacle of Olde Whiteface ravaging our favorite stars for a few
days starting tonight.  OU Vir is sure to be a casualty for both
hemisphers (except maybe *during* the eclipse, ha, ha, ha).  EX Hya,
bright as it is, might get some rough treatment.  It seems like WX Cen
might be the best target for these moonlit nights.  And OU Vir may be too
faint when the Moon clears outa the way.  Anyway, EX Hya and WX Cen are
both very fine southern targets for the present and future.

BTW some very fine OU data rolling in.  Please write if you'd like to play
with it, I'll send the lot.

In the north, I'm still hoping for RX0625+73 coverage.  Dave Messier seems
to be able to follow it for many hours, but other CBAers have been silent.
Are there too many trees on CBA northwestern horizons?  Jonathan, can you
check the prices on bulk purchases of chainsaws?

Other good northern targets are HZ Her and MV Lyr, and LX Ser.  The latter
star resisted a fairly lame campaign in 1996 - time for a better attack!


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