(cba:news) Re: UMa 7 - long photometry session ongoing at CBA Belgium Observatory / follow-up needed

Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Fri Mar 7 07:23:33 EST 2003

Just wanted to echo Tonny's entreaty!  UMa7 and HQ Mon are both somewhat
tough nuts to crack, but it seems likely we'll find those periods if we
can get the long coverage around the globe.  The USA reports have been
sparse lately... but this is a valuable window, before Smilin' Tom tells
us to go to the duct tape again.

By the way, CBA-Pahala (Hawaii, Lew Cook) and CBA-Uzbekistan (Tashkent,
Tom Krajci) are now producing some excellent data sets.  This really
helps to fix our greatest weakness for many years, the Asia-Pacific gap.


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