(cba:news) southern notes, mostly

Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Fri Jun 27 19:58:55 EDT 2003

Dear CBAers,

Coupla things.  Time to call off the dogs on V803 Cen.  This is now the
best-observed superhumper in the sky... and although the star does show a
few wrinkles not generally found in the H-rich superhumpers (e.g. the
refusal of the humps to die), they're very well documented now.  We also
have a very accurate orbital period, testifying to the very small
fractional superiod excess (0.41%).

We've started to work on recent novae this year.  In particular, Berto and
Jennie have been observing V4743 Sgr (N 2002), and analysis shows a
periodic signal probably at 3.59(+-0.01) c/day, but possibly at 2.59
c/day.  It's weak and aliased, but we should be able to improve the
significance and eliminate the impostor alias with some extensive coverage
(long runs) from the south.  Please consider it!

Also on the subject of recent novae, I've noticed that I sent you the
wrong period for V1494 Aql.  For purists, the correct period is
0.1346163(3) d.  The yearly waveforms are pretty much OK.

We're getting decent coverage of V603 Aql from Lew Cook and David
Messier... but not other longitudes.  Help us out, it's a CBA green-light

Officially moving back to New York City tomorrow morning, even though I
keep an office here at Princeton for at least another year.  And an ID so
I can play on that lovely golf course!


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