(cba:news) GO Com and Lib 3

Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Tue Jun 3 07:07:03 EDT 2003

Dear CBAers,

Christopher Jones reported the dwarf nova GO Com in bright outburst, near
13th magnitude.  It has only been up a day (certifiably, that is) - not
quite enough to establish credentials as a supermax.  But the brightness
level suggests supermax, and this makes the star a superb candidate for
time-series photometry.  Because of the rarity of its outbursts, GO Com
has long attracted interest as a WZ Sge star - but no one has managed to
get good coverage of it at max (or for that matter, min).

The field is very sparse, as usual in Coma.  Report comparison stars with
care, and try not to make them too distant!  We hope for maybe a week of
coverage before the Moon probably ends the fun.

Speaking of fun, Lib 3 isn't providing much.  Is this actually a CV?  I'm
not so sure.  We'll force John Thorstensen to take some spectra in 2 weeks
and tell us... but for now let's not invest any more in it.  Sorry for the
(probably) bum steer.

And it's a good time to start up again on EX Hya.  I've been analyzing
this year's data and found some effects which, despite all these years of
study, seem to be new.  A coupla more weeks would be great.  V4743 Sgr (or
V1494 Aql) would be nice second targets of those southern nights!


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