(cba:news) Re: new year, new stars

Jonathan Kemp jk at cbastro.org
Sun Jan 5 17:32:23 EST 2003

Hi CBAers,

Additionally, charts for both NSV 10934 and EC 05565-5935 are now
available on the CBA web site.  Both stars are also in the Downes et al.
online CV catalog under the not-quite-exclusive labels of "Oct" and
"Pic", respectively.

CBA Hilo

JT> For your convenience, here's the precessed coords of that object Joe
JT> mentioned:
JT>  1950.00 : RA =   5 56 32.80, dec = -59 35 40.0
JT>  2000.00 : RA =   5 57 12.68, dec = -59 35 26.4

JP> 1. NSV 10934, at 18h 40m 52.4s -83d 43' 9.5" (2000).  It's now about
JP> 12th mag, but seems to fade to 15th.  A just announced SU UMa star
JP> with freshly born superhumps.  At this brightness level, this is a
JP> star that should command our immediate (and prolonged) attention.
JP> Long time series for as long as the star stays above your horizon.
JP> (Ha, ha, ha.)
JP> 2. EC 05565-5935, a 14th mag star at 05h 56m 32.8s -59d 35' 40" (1950,
JP> please note unusual epoch).  The next in our series of studies of
JP> Edinburgh-Cape novalikes.  At 14th mag and with Porb apparently near
JP> 3.4 hr, it definitely looks like one of our family.

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