(cba:news) deep-sea fishing

Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Sun Feb 9 13:01:14 EST 2003

Dear CBAers,

I just finished preparing the whole 2-week BG CMi light curve, and I'll
send it in the next message.  It's one of the purest stars you'll find,
with a rotational period at 913 s and an orbital period at 3.2 hours - and
nothing else that leaps up and says hello (besides a tiny thing at wo-2W).
Nice result!  But probably one that will just get purer and purer as time
goes by - not enough incentive to keep it up.  Away!  (But it's nice to
find one of the short-period guys that *don't* superhump, to tight

The perpetrators were David Messier, Robert Rea, Greg Bolt, Bill Allen,
Dave Skillman, Jerry Foote.

We're still getting good data on XZ Eri, so I guess we gotta continue!
Otherwise a grumpy St. Peter will be quizzing me about this at the Pearly

DW Cnc too... go, go, go.

Olde Whiteface will be rampaging through the sky mighty soon, and this is
perhaps an opportunity to go on a fishing expedition.  KQ Mon is a bright
CV that has never had its period identified.  At 12.5, it'll survive a lot
of moonlight... and at 0731-10, it's nicely placed for just about
everyone.  How about an intensive campaign for about 10 days on this star?
It's a crowded field, so you'll need to study it first and consider
whether you can get decent photometry of the star.

And we're about to start up on PQ Gem, so that's worth considering.  It
gets trampled by the Moon every month, but it's about a magnitude brighter
than DW Cnc, so might be a better target.  It's another DQ Her star - with
little known about its orbital and near-orbital variations, or about the
sidebands of its main signal.


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