(cba:news) sdss0137-09 and TV Col

Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Sun Dec 21 21:45:59 EST 2003

Dear CBAers,

Some news about campaigns.  Let's ring down the curtain on TV Col.  The
campaign has gone very well, with substantially equal contributions from
Bob Rea, Berto, Greg Bolt, and MDM (AZ).  The good spread in geography has
specified the periodic content pretty well.  However, what shows up is
basically the PURE orbital period - over a 22-night observing run.  No
negative superhump, no nodal signal.  That's pretty much it - all we get
by extending it is just slightly higher precision.  So let's call it a

Some of you have heard about a superoutburst found by Pretorius and Warner
of SDSS0137-09 just last night.  We just started observing it in AZ, and
it seems to be humping away at large amplitude (and bright).  With such a
good sky position, I hope CBAers at all corners of the Earth can train
their firepower on this one.  The reported period is near 79 minutes, a
pretty interesting domain!

The correct position is 01 37 01.06 -09 12 34.9 (J2000).  There's a slight
misprint in Brian's positional name.  You can find the star and chart in
the Downes CV catalogue.

So, for southern observers, I recommend 0137-09 and AH Men (which has been
spitting out great light curves, courtesy of Bill Allen).

For northern observers, here's a good selection: 0137-09, fs aur, dw cnc,
and uz boo.  In order of increasing RA.

We're also pow'f'l interested in pulse timings of Dec-Jan DQ Her stars: AO
Psc, FO Aqr, V405 Aur, BG CMi, HT Cam.  Individual 2-hour-long
observations will do the trick!

I sure hope we can get some NZ-AU observations of the new superhumping
dwarf nova!


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