(cba:news) UZ Boo erupting?

Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Fri Dec 5 04:57:50 EST 2003

Dear CBAers,

Pavel Dubovsky just reported UZ Boo at V=12.8... which, if true, probably
signifies a superoutburst.  This one is of very great interest, since the
eruptions are so rare (ten years or so).  Worth a valiant effort to
verify, and take a time series, in those frosty predawn hours!

Thanks to Arne for reminding of TY Vul's bright neighbor star. You can
easily see it on the Downes et al. chart.  It's too close for most of you
to exclude, so you'll need to include it cleanly (fairly large aperture).
About 2 mag down from eruption, it'll basically put us outa business...
but decent coverage over the next week might well give us a good superhump
period, which is likely to be the main result under these compromised

First Eastern USA snowstorm of the season due to arrive today.


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