(cba:news) southern cbaers, and some from Hyperborea too

Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Sun Apr 27 14:16:43 EDT 2003

Rod Stubbings reports an outburst of V551 Sgr, a dwarf nova that rarely
erupts and is a good candidate for "WZ Sge" status.  So this could be a
great opportunity - if it turns out to be a super.

The star is at 1800-34 - so it is *marginally* suitable for some northern
coverage.  Obviously mainly for the australites.  The field is crowded, of
course.  2000 coords 18 00 56.5 -34 35 45... methinks you'll need a chart
better than the Downes & Shara chart.  Jonathan, could you toss a good one
up on the website?

EC10578-2935 is finished.  We have a very fine period of 3.23 hours - an
immensely popular period for novalike variables.  Kudos to Robert Rea and
Berto Monard for wrapping this one up securely.

Lots of good EX Hya data rolling in, and may it keep rolling.

In the far north, I've just learned about 1RXSJ062518.2+733433 (whew), a
14th mag star that definitely appears to be a member of the DQ Her class.
This star is a little off-season, but it would be great to accumulate some
coverage in the spring before doing an all-out campaign next winter.  So
if you can work that far north, let 'er rip.  The published light curve
looks sort of like BG CMi, definitely well-suited for our coverage.
This is indexed as "Cam" in the CV catalogue.

Full CBA note coming tomorrow.


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