(cba:news) update

Jonathan Kemp jk at cbastro.org
Tue Sep 3 12:37:42 EDT 2002


As some of you know, Joe flew to New Zealand a week ago to attend the
Photometry 2002 conference and meet the many Kiwis who are such a strong
part of the CBA.

Unfortunately, Joe got ill when he was in New Zealand and he suffered a
seizure during his early return to the US.  After a few nights in a
hospital in Los Angeles, he's now resting at a hotel in a more
person-friendly environment and hopes to return to Columbia/Princeton
within a few days and to normal activities within a week or two.
Fortunately, a student from Columbia has managed to get out to LA to help
facilitate the recovery and return.

So, the communications will be a bit slow for just a while...


CBA Hilo

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