(cba:news) more stars to retire

Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Fri Oct 4 20:10:05 EDT 2002

Dear CBAers,

More changes ahead.  FO Aqr is *very* well covered now.  The data is
superb and can't get any better!  At least it's hard to imagine.  Anyway
let's sweep it off the CBA stage for the year.

Likewise for GD552 - I think.  If the star would ever erupt, it would be
worth sacrificing a few minor pieces of anatomy for... but it just sort of
ambles around 16.5, occasionally sprouting a weak and transient
periodicity.  It's a decent result - defines Porb to very high accuracy -
but not worth squeezing any harder on it.  Out with the old.

BO Ceti.  Youbetcha.  Let's crank that campaign into higher gear, I think
we have the multi-longitude machinery to make this star surrender its
secrets at last.

And a far-north and far-south object to restore some cosmic symmetry to
the CBA menu.  V592 Cas in the north, plenty bright and with a superhump
structure not yet extensively explored... and EC05287-5857 in the south, a
novalike variable with excellent promise of superhumps.

Oops, I almost forgot!  TY Psc is in superoutburst right now, near 12.7 I
believe.  I believe that a precise measure of Psh has *still* not been
made, even though it's a bright star which erupts a lot.  Spare humanity
this embarrassment... get a 4-5 day data stream of the star in supermax,
which will do the job.


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