(cba:news) Re: Tau 2 comp star (fwd)

Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Thu Nov 21 16:36:21 EST 2002

>  Jerry and Bob, are you at liberty to reveal this?  Anyway,
> I'm guessing it's the star 2.5 arcmin directly south from Tau 2, known as
> GSC 79-1192.

Bingo!  Give that man a Milky Way....Burp.

That appears to be an affirmatory.  Good comp star.  Oh, and following a
suggestion by Lew Cook, let's start to name comp stars as a matter of
routine from now on.  Specification of location is good enough (for me),
but the star's catalogue name would of course be better for archive
purposes.  And the best way to do it is in the header or the text file
itself (rather than a separate message) - again because of the archive.
If that entails some awkwardness, then don't sweat it - but do let me know
which is your comp star.  Thanks!


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