(cba:news) change in the north!

Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Thu May 23 13:54:01 EDT 2002

Dear CBAers,

I think it's time to end the campaign on RX1643+34.  The star has flashed
some nice (negative) superhumps at us, and we know the orbital period to
better than one part in a thousand.  Plus some other nice results on
flickering and QPOs.  Nice star, but we'll retire it.

Staying in the same constellation (and brightness), let's shift to V795
Her.  This star has much bigger superhumps, recently reactivated after 14
years of vacation.  Great target for May and June.

Some people might wish to do a fainter star; V849 Her would be a nice
choice.  It's kind of a mystery to us.  Two nights last year showed little
variability, yet ten years ago there were very strong waves in the light

I think those are the best northern targets these days.


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