(cba:news) BZ Cam... begone!

Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Sat Jan 19 14:03:34 EST 2002

Oh gracious, what a dismal performer BZ Cam appears to be!  Two long
nights from Bob Fried and Tom Krajci give really good light curves with no
evidence whatever for periodic signals.  Very different from its
appearance circa 1994-5, when it was always flashing something big around
3 hours, and the issue was sorting it out.  I worry that in its present
(bright) state it'll be a big fat nothing.  Naturally we report such
things, but we don't have to be *interested* in them!

So I say unto you, cast it back into the darkness, lest it bring weeping
and gnashing of teeth.

And go with BH Lyn and BK Lyn.  A bit fainter but these guys will deliver!

Rah, rah, New England.


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