(cba:news) stars new and old

Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Fri Feb 22 09:01:38 EST 2002

Dear CBAers,

Time for an update on campaigns.

BK Lyn and DW UMa.  These campaigns are going apace, with both stars
performing well.  BK Lyn is thundering away with a large-amplitude
negative superhump, maybe the best such example in the sky.  Keep it up!
DW UMa, which sported a big negative superhump a few years ago, has turned
double-agent and is now fraternizing with the apsidal superhumpers.  Also
worth continuing for a few more weeks.  I recommend you adopt one of these
stars and stick with it - it improves the night-to-night calibration,
assuming you keep the same comparison star.

We got some great data on PQ Gem this past week, and the star is worth
observing on into the spring... but mainly for the purpose of pulse
timings (requiring just a 2-hour run, though more is admittedly better).
Ditto for BG CMi.

Finally, up north there's TT Boo.  Despite its brightness, we still
haven't got good superhump and orbital periods for this star.  It's in
superoutburst now, and it's a great target in the morning sky.  If you can
start a run as late as midnight or so, this is the guy to do!

Down south, it's still T Pyx and EC0511, for which data are coming in from
Bob Rea, Berto Monard, and Fred and Jennie.

Happy observing!  Don't forget TT Boo!


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