(cba:news) ccds etc.

Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Fri Feb 15 11:51:45 EST 2002

Well, I go along with Arne's reply to Berto, as well as Berto's reply to
Dave, and Dave's reply to Berto!  (Oh, and please send campaign
contributions in cash to General Delivery, NY, NY.)

We've done well with a 3 mag difference, as long as you stay away from
Saturation Scylla on the one hand, and Low S/N Charybdis on the other.
But at 5 mag, your data's probably going to Davy Jones' Locker.

But I wanted to make one final comment about comps.  My biggest fear is
that people won't observe because they can't get the "right comparison
star" on the chip, don't have the right filter, etc.  The CBA is sort of
an like an infantry charge up a well-defended hill.  Grab something that
looks like a weapon, tone up that ol' blood-curdling scream, and join the
charge.  Don't wait for the supply sergeant to issue better weapons!
Sling lead into the enemy ranks, and keep the pressure up.  At the very
least, maybe you'll take a bullet which otherwise would have wiped out
some really fancy telescope.

I think I need some herbal tea now.


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