(cba:news) stars for august

Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Sun Aug 4 09:38:30 EDT 2002

Dear CBAers,

Just a month now till the NZ Conference.  I look forward to seeing a bunch
of you there.

V533 Her has proved to be a difficult target - kinda faint, neighbor star,
and bedevilled by evening thunderstorms.  The main goal, a superhump
search, has been accomplished - a garden-variety positive superhump at a
period 7.3% over Porb.  Very nice detection.  There are other things
present which need more extensive study (1000 second QPOs, and structure
in the superhump's harmonics)... but it seems unlikely we'll get it this
year, with all the problems, and with losing 4 minutes per day!  So let's
drop V533 Her from the menu.

Remaining are V1494 Aql, V1432 Aql, and V1223 Sgr.  All of these still
need a lot of coverage, and will be with us a long time.  Fire away!
The next bright star on our menu will be LS Peg - northern smallscopers
might want to get the early season observations in now (at V~12.4, it's
an easy target for all).


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