(cba:news) stars for mid-april

Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Sun Apr 7 13:47:46 EDT 2002

Dear CBAers,

As most of you know, Tonny just discovered superhumps in V589 Her, a
little-studied dwarf nova.  The period is interestingly long, and the star
has never before popped up on our radar screens.  Let's put this object as
number one priority as soon as it rises.  It's in the Downes catalog.
Just for the record, 2000 coords are 16 22 07.2 +19 22 36.

Earlier in the night, GK Per and AM CVn get the nod for northern
observers.  GK Per especially!

In the south, we are getting great coverage of RX1155-56, the bright new
dwarf nova.  But everyone switched in unison to this target from V803
Cen... leaving our old friend high and dry.  ("Everyone" meaning Berto,
Bob Rea, Neil Butterworth, and Greg Bolt).  How about giving V803 Cen some
attention too?  We'll be wanting to cover both for a quite long spell.

Many new features at the website... preprints of WZ Sge and others, and an
atlas of orbital light curves.  With banners at the homepage.


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