(cba:news) Tonight, tonight...

Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Mon Sep 10 18:25:58 EDT 2001

... won't be just a-n-y night... As the song should have said, it's a
night of HST observation of WZ Sagittae.  So aside from the high interest
in following the star anytime during this month, tonight's observations
will be accompanied by simultaneous space data - ultraviolet spectroscopy.
All the more reason to get thee to a telescope!

Jonathan's doing very well with Arizona observations.  Lotta clear
weather. So far no help from observatories far to the east and west...
but who knows what riches may still be in the pipeline?  If you can obtain
time series anytime during the next 10 days, especially in
Europe/Asia/AU/NZ, this is the hour of need!


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