(cba:news) A Plea for CR Boo

Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Thu May 3 10:19:16 EDT 2001

Dear CBAers,                                               May 3, 2001.

You norteamericanos know that a high-pressure dome has settled over
the Northeast, and we're (Dave Skillman, John Stull, Dave Toot) getting
lots of great data on a very cooperative CR Boo.  Any prospect of help
from other longitudes?  Even the western US would help a lot, and
observations from AU/NZ/Europe/Oceania/Asia would be precious!

CR Boo appears to be *triply* periodic - like AM CVn - near the orbital
period of ~1480 s.  The exact identity of Porb is unclear, though.  The
1471 s signal found by the Whole Earth Telescope is obvious in the data,
but since there are two other periodic signals at slightly longer period,
it's not clear which should be called Porb.  Anyway with such a cornucopia
of signals tightly nestled in there, we really REALLY need to beat
aliasing problems into submission.

Not the easiest of fields, and the Moon will be ravaging it soon, but
let's try to nail this sucker as soon as possible!  Presently cycling
in the range 13.7-14.7 with a cycle time of about 16 hours (weird huh?).


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