(cba:news) CR Boo and false prophets

Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Sat Mar 24 14:48:49 EST 2001

Dear CBAers,

Well, ship the oars, muffle the alarms, tell the troops to stand down,
etc.  You can even show the Moon to your neighbors (don't, however, go
back to bed.) Fred and Jennie and Brian Martin have observed CR Boo
and it seems to be in its familiar cycling state.  No super.  So that
lowers its priority - we'll wait till our South African run begins before
cranking up (we'll have round-the-world coverage then).

V803 Cen, now that's the peachy southern target now, with AH Men the other
good one.  Flashing great superhumps as always; I can't wait to see how
the damn thing will do when we have the multiple longitudes going strong
on it.  (We still have the South American problem though; anyone know a
good solution?).

The new northern "campaign" star is SU UMa.  This one is being targeted by
one of the X-ray telescopes for repeated observation over 5 weeks starting
tonight.  If you have the capability of brief time series to establish the
star's brightness, you'd be doing an excellent service to science by doing
that.  In general, they (this is being run by some British astronomers,
Andy Beardmore and Darren Baskill) don't need long observations.  But if
the present outburst (it just jumped into one) is a super, then our usual
long time series will be just fine and quite productive.  As for whether
there will be any correlation with the X-rays, well, that's the point of
doing the experiment.  So it's a possibility... check that baby for

Best northern targets are now DW UMa and RZ LMi.


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