(cba:news) stars

Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Sat Mar 10 07:10:19 EST 2001

Dear CBAers,

Lacking a telescope here on the Great White Way, I can't tell for sure.
But the great celestial clockworks suggests that RZ LMi should have popped
into superoutburst a day or two ago, or maybe today/tomorrow.  Can you
verify?  Maximum light is about 14.6.  Let's cover this supermax as well.

Re other stars, no one has picked up the challenge on BP Lyn.  Likely to
be a great target.

Heading south, Fred and Jennie have been observing SW Sex, but the results
are somewhat disappointing.  A very good orbital light curve, nice sharp
and deep eclipses, but no observable superhumps.  Probably should be
discontinued since the far-southern target, AH Men, has been quite
wonderful: powerful superhumps plus an orbital signal, plus the beat
frequency (which probably signifies the actual wobble of that poor ol'
tortured accretion disk).  So AH Men is the southern target of choice for
about the next month.


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