(cba:news) new stars and campaigns

Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Wed Jun 27 17:38:24 EDT 2001

Dear CBAers,

Sorry I've been so silent.  Been off on a short vacation, and a long
episode of very crippled access to email.  A victim of the ol' upgrade
syndrome.  Perhaps everything is OK now.

Here's a quick summary...

Best northern target is still V795 Her, gloriously superhumping again
after a 12-year hiatus and definitely worth a few more weeks of coverage.

Best southern target is still V2400 Oph.

But the other good target, suitable for both hemispheres, is V1494 Aql...
the bright nova of fall 1999, now flashing at us such an odd set of
periodic signals.  (Though we haven't actually peered in since last fall.)
2000 coords 19 23 05.38 +04 57 20.1.  This will be our primary target in a
few weeks, and I hope some of you will start observing it intensively
right now!

Then there are the summer/winter DQ Her stars... we like to monitor these
for the ever-changing pulse periods.  The biggies this time of year are
V1223 Sgr, AO Psc, and FO Aqr.  Good for even fairly short observations.

Oh, and the CR Boo campaign is DEFINITELY OVER.  Just a little too late in
the observing season for really good data.


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