(cba:news) CP Dra - a new UGSU type variable (fwd)

Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Sun Feb 25 14:57:23 EST 2001

Dear CBAers,

     This sure looks like a winner to me!  Let's help out our Old World
friend with photometry of this newly discovered superhumper.  Coords in
Tonny's other message.


Dear colleagues,

I'm conducting a CCD photometry session on CP Dra, using the 0.35-m f/6.3
telescope at CBA Belgium Observatory [2001, February 24/25]. FITS images are
acquired with an ST-7 CCD camera without filters, and are instanteneously
processed and reduced (aperture photometry). After 2.5 hours of working, the
resulting real-time light curve already clearly shows the presence of a 0.31
mag modulation, to be attributed to superhumps. A first rough estimate of
the superhump period yields a value of 0.0687 +- 0.0007 d.

The above observations thus establish CP Dra as a new member of the UGSU
type of cataclysmic variables !

Further high-speed photometry is highly recommended, to settle the precise
superhump period value. Support from other observatories would be highly

Best regards,

Tonny Vanmunster
CBA Belgium Observatory

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