(cba:news) Re: Stars for Mid-October (supplement)

Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Fri Oct 27 17:49:34 EDT 2000

 There are three far-southern objects coming up we want to do
campaigns on:

TW Pic (0534-58, I think about 13.5)
AH Men (0611-81, about 13.0)
RR Pic (0635-62, about 12.3)

I haven't pushed them yet because I thought the observing seasons are not
*quite* upon us.  But maybe that's not so.  (Sometimes it's hard for me to
look through southern glasses at such things.)  TW Pic is the more unknown
quantity, and the most westerly so perhaps the target of choice.

I dunno what your magnitude limit is, but there's a very exciting star at
2353-38  - more precisely 23 53 00.6 -38 51 45.  It's about magnitude
16.5, and is the shortest-Porb CV in the sky (not counting the ones made
of helium).  It *should* be a dwarf nova, but no outbursts have ever been
seen - so the search for outbursts is quite interesting by itself.  Also,
there are periodic signals in quiescence too.  So it is very desirable to
cover with all-night photometry, even though I guess your signal-to-noise
per integration might be a little low.  Six months ago I labelled this
star "prime object for Sep-Nov", but then forgot about it!


(fragment of note to Paul Warhurst)

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