(cba:news) o ye of northern climes

Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Fri Oct 27 17:47:27 EDT 2000

Dear CBAers,

Well I've been studying the campaign targets recently, and here's my

Z And.... that's a negatory.  It is possible that the 28 minute signal
that Jeno Sokoloski found in blue light at Lick is present, but it's very
weak and I can't see that we can do much with it.  This campaign
should be ended.

VY Scl.  Good action from NZ (only).  The present data from Paul Warhurst
and Robert Rea, and Fred and Jennie, establish the period pretty well -
not the "old" period of 0.1662 d, nor the "new" period of 0.23 d, but an
in-between value of 0.1894 d.  This is pretty solid, though it could
always be firmed up a bit more.  A little more baseline should give us
sufficient accuracy to extend this far into the future.  VY Scl still a
good target for a couple more weeks.

BZ Cam.  One very long run from Tonny, too early to conclude anything.

Cep 1.  Whoa, now there's an unruly star!  This star is not behaving like
anything I've really seen before.  It has 2-5 hr timescale flares, and
then flashes some periods around 100 min, its purported Porb.  This one's
needed for the zoo, but I have no idea what cage to put it in.  Cepheus
Uniquus maybe.  I would be thrilled to see some European contribution on
this guy - I know it's faint and the light curve is not exactly
entertaining, but we are definitely going to reap some knowledge about the
last rites of CV evolution from this likely very ancient star.  We're
getting some significant help from John Stull at Alfred, plus the usual
yeoman service from Dave East and the Captain, but need Europe with those
deliciously long nights!

Then there's RXJ2353-3851, a 16th mag dwarf nova that I hope some
australites will observe.  Zounds, have I not sent the description of this
guy out yet?  Methinks not.  I'll get it in a sec.  A tough, tough target,
but very rewarding even though the light curves are likely to look trashy
- unless it erupts, in which case we all celebrate!


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