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Jonathan Kemp jk at cbastro.org
Thu Oct 12 02:10:56 EDT 2000

Hi CBAers,

As some of you might have noticed, there have been some substantial
changes to the CBA web site of late.  Below, I outline the more important
among them.  (The ones with exclamation marks might be of specific
interest to some of you.)

  - return of CBA web site to cbastro.org
  - transferring news and data addresses back to Columbia
  - CBA web site will again have a more consistence internet connection
    and will serve pages more consistently and more quickly

  - implementation of search engine page and quick-search box (!)
  - development and presentation of data submission guidelines (!)
  - implementation of feedback survey
  - development of specific CBA-written article section
  - modest revisions to CBA history
  - adding of current date and implementation of caching specifications to
    insure up-to-date pages are loaded by web browsers

  - updating of DV UMa and IY UMa preprints
  - addition of V751 Cyg to publications list
  - general updating of news and data set submission record pages

Comments, questions, and suggestions are welcome!


CBA Hilo
(Center for Beachside Astrophysics)

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