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Sun May 14 22:18:28 EDT 2000

just to make sure you have the position! 
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Date: Sun, 14 May 2000 21:52:36 -0000
From: Tonny Vanmunster <Tonny.Vanmunster at advalvas.be>
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Subject: (cba:news) Rare outburst of RXJ1450.5+6403

Dear colleagues,

I herewith report the detection (unfiltered CCD) of an outburst of RXJ1450.5+6403, using the 0.35-m f/6.3 telescope at CBA Belgium Observatory. The object is located at 145038.22  +640328.6 (J2000.0) and has a listed magnitude range of 16.3 - 17.1. 

RXJ1450.5+6403 appears in "The Hamburg/RASS Catalogue of optical identifications" as an optical counterpart to a RASS source. Further identification (as a mag 16.3 object) in USNO : USNO1500.05897283 145038.215 +640328.55 (2000.0).
Available observations :

RXJ1450.5+6403 20000510.906 UT  <16.5C  Tonny Vanmunster
RXJ1450.5+6403 20000514.864 UT   14.4C  Tonny Vanmunster
Instrument : 0.35-m f/6.3 SCT and SBIG ST-7 CCD (unfiltered)

I have found *no* further information on previous outbursts of this object, so it most likely is a very unknown CV, that is worth following closely by time-series photometry. I have started a CCD run on RXJ1450.5+6403 some time ago, and hope to announce first results shortly.

Best regards,
Tonny Vanmunster
CBA Belgium Observatory

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