(cba:news) targets du jour

Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Sun May 14 22:14:19 EDT 2000

Dear CBAers,

Lotta stuff poppin' off up there, with the action swinging back to the

The X-ray transient in UMa continues to delight.  Dave Skillman is
managing to follow the rapid oscillation, but the period is apparently
changing fast (down to 8.8 s a few days ago, compared with 12 s when it
first appeared 5 weeks ago).  Getting hard to track with CCDs!  The
4.1 hour modulation is also getting harder to track, but only because
the night's observation is short.  Plenty worth your continued

The star Tonny announced in outburst and superhumping - RX J1450.5+6403
- is perfectly placed for long observation now, so that would be a very
fine target too!  Completely viriginal star, so who knows what
surprises it has in store?  I'll forward the positional information
right after this.

The best southerly stars for coverage right now (assuming V2051 Oph has
declined from outburst) are HP Lib, V1223 Sgr, and V849 Her (=Her 2 =
PG1633+115).  Admittedly, Hercules ain't northern, but it's equatorial,
and we want to follow this guy south and north.  And AO Psc/FO Aqr
for early risers.  Check your clocks carefully on these pulse timers
(all except V849 Her, though technically *every* star involves timings,
so checking the clock should be like... well, like checking for rain).

DV UMa and IY UMa are both submitted for publication now.  DV UMa up on
the website in a day or two.  Working on writing up other results now.
Classes are over, a great chance to get work done!

No other CBAers coming to the AAS meeting in Rochester?  Bummer.  I
still hope to see some of you there.  We'll have a company exhibit.


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