(cba:news) network information

Jonathan Kemp jk at cbastro.org
Sat Jun 17 23:32:02 EDT 2000

Hi CBAers,

Just a quick note to let you know, in case you haven't seen them yet, that
we've updated our network pages to more accurately reflect our membership,
to include additional information about member stations, and to streamline
the display of information.  Comments and questions about the new network
pages are welcome.  Also, if you wish to add, change, or correct
information on the pages, please click on the link at the bottom of each
network page that leads to a station information form which you can fill
out and submit over the web.

Also, on this new station information form, we've included a few questions
that ask for information which we didn't ask for earlier -- primarily
about your non-astronomical interests.  These certainly aren't meant to be
intrusive, but to help present a network with more of a personal dimension
(one a bit more of individuals than of equipment), I encourage you to fill
out these additional fields.


CBA Hilo

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