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Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Sun Jul 2 13:25:54 EDT 2000

Dear CBAers,

You've already received this from Tonny, but I thought I would emphasize
it.  I was pessimistic that we could do anything in Virgo this late in the
season, but obviously I was wrong!  It's important that we follow these
eclipses as the star declines from (super)outburst.  We really need all
longitudes cranking away on this one.  It'll take very little observing
time since the star quickly sets - but try to get in a quick session
before your main target.

Dave Skillman got a long run on V1494 Aql last night, which suggested
there might be another period present of 19 minutes.  We won't be sure of
these matters until we have a few more good nights of coverage, including
NZ or Europe which we need to crack the daily cycle count.

Two great equatorial stars... fine days in the CBA.


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Date: Sun, 2 Jul 2000 14:54:50 -0000
From: Tonny Vanmunster <Tonny.Vanmunster at advalvas.be>
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Subject: (cba:news) [vsnet-alert 5052] Detection of eclipses in the dwarf nova 1432-0033 
    = Vir4

Dear colleagues,

An analysis of the 1432-0033 = Vir4 CCD data sets of CBA Belgium and CBA Pakuranga, securely has revealed the existence of eclipses in this newly detected [see VSNET-ALERT 5037] UGSU type dwarf nova. Data were obtained on June 26/27 (CBA Belgium), June 28/29 (CBA Belgium), June 29 (CBA Pakuranga) and June 30, 2000 (CBA Pakuranga).

Eclipse profiles have an average depth of 0.9 mag and a duration of approx. 15 min (visual inspection of light curve!). The orbital period of 1432-0033, derived from eclipse timings spread over the period mentioned above, is 0.0726 d. More precise values will be communicated after a detailed analysis of all available data has been carried out.

Best regards,
Tonny Vanmunster (CBA Belgium)
Fred Velthuis & Jennie McCormick (CBA Pakuranga)

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