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Does it get any better than this?

On the night just ended in Arizona, JD 570.67-571.07, we obtained a 9.6
hour run with the MDM 1.3 m telescope.  The star was in rapid decline
throughout, fading from V=16.31 to 16.77.  There were still periodic
waves, but their nature (superhumps? orbital?) is still unknown as they
were greatly dissimilar to the waves seen even 1 day earlier.  Very
deep eclipses (>2 mag deep) occurred throughout, and the light was
dominated by a small hot object at the center of the disk.  This is
likely to be the white dwarf - anyway, it's very small (most of the
eclipse drop occurs in 40 seconds!) and very hot (>40000 K if it's
actually the white dwarf).

How wonderful is this!  We've always wanted to measure the effects of
the outburst on white dwarf heating.  Nature draws a knife-edge across
the white-dwarf face every 106 min, and we can accurately isolate the
contribution of the white dwarf.  Presumably it will cool rapidly at
first, then slowly... but who knows, that's why we do the experiment.

We've been observing TmzV85 from the start, and are managing to splice
together long time-series photometry from our various sites.  We'd
greatly welcome other observers in our collaboration.  TmzV85 will rise
again some day, possibly soon, and we conspire on other stars too (at
present, BY Cam, CN Ori, and FS Aur).  Come visit our web site and
consider joining us.


Center for Backyard Astrophysics (TmzV85 cabal)

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