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Jonathan Kemp jk at cbastro.org
Thu Jan 6 19:38:33 EST 2000

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From: Joe Patterson <jop at astro.columbia.edu>

Dear CBAers,

Just returned to New York City after the drive east.  I'm about to leave
on another short trip, but wanted to fire something off in response to all
those dwarf novae popping off up there.

We *somewhat* missed the proverbial boat on QY Per, or more correctly I
did, having not equipped my car with a telescope or email.  But many of
you sprang right into action, and we certainly have a nice dataset which
will enable quality measurement of superhump properties.  I'd love to
receive the data and am psyched to write it up pronto, to prove to my
parole board that they didn't make a mistake.

Oh, and John Thorstensen wondered if anyone had seen any small objects
orbiting around QY Per, possibly pretty far out and in a belt?  Seems like
a fair question.

QY Per, the flying dutchman star, continues.

Other salvos are firing off too.  IP Peg went up and it would be great to
get the last few brief light curves of the year, especially across
eclipses.  And CW Mon just went off.  This is a very little-known star,
misunderstood by all I'm afraid, but is a pretty good U Gem clone, with
nice grazing eclipses at quiescence.  No published light curves in
eruption - in fact, quite likely not observed at all in eruption, until
*you* manage to get coverage this week.

A great year for dwarf novae so far.  Keep that coverage coming, the
network is sure getting better and better!


The campaign on V405 Aur is not ripe for ending yet, but for suspension
till some of the dwarf-nova action subsides.  CW Mon is really very
exciting - australites take note!

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