(cba:news) heavens on fire...

Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Sun Dec 24 12:29:00 EST 2000

Dear CBAers,

It was a quiet (northern) fall, but now the sky's popping off with
interesting dwarf novae all over the place.

As Tonny says, RZ Leo is definitely the best one goin' up there.
Warner and Woudt saw the big superhumps kick in about a day or two ago, so
they should be pulsing away up there for... well, I dunno, but maybe 2
weeks.  The early coverage by Tonny and Gianluca shows a precursor signal,
at P-orb and of undetermined origin.  We have a precise Porb in the bank
from a few years ago, so whenever we learn the true Psh we can redeem it
at full value with the local cashier.

Some of our heaviest artillery (Dave East and Captain Bob) is down for
repairs.  So we need a big effort now, from all

Much as I hate to dilute the message, I'd like to remind that TW Pic is
doing great and also needs long coverage to document this strange long-
period signal that snakes through the light curve.  Observations in South
Africa and South America (or a boat somewhere?) would be really good!


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