(cba:news) V405 Vul - superhumps have (fully) grown (fwd)

Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Wed Aug 30 17:27:12 EDT 2000

Dear CBAers,

This star sounds like a wonderful new discovery - let's fire away at it!
2000 coords 19 53 05.0  +21 14 50

Go for it - a good project until the star sinks down into sky noise.


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Subject: (cba:news) V405 Vul - superhumps have (fully) grown

Dear colleagues,

A first inspection of the light curve, resulting from my CCD photometry time series session of V405 Vul on Aug 29/30, 2000, clearly shows that superhumps have now strongly grown in this system. We measure a full superhump amplitude of about 0.4 magnitudes. Data were obtained using the 0.35-m f/6.3 telescope + unfiltered ST-7 CCD at CBA Belgium Observatory.

Please remark the object is still bright tonight (Aug 30/31). 

We'll disseminate additional information about the present V405 Vul outburst, once we have gone through the analysis of the CCD data that we also received from other observatories.

Kind regards,
Tonny Vanmunster
CBA Belgium Observatory

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