(cba:news) Support those X-rays!

Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Fri Apr 28 18:45:37 EDT 2000

Dear CBAers,

Tonight is the first of several HST/RXTE observations of the new 
X-ray transient in UMa, which has been treating us so well lately.
These observations will continue for about a week.  Definitely the
right time to check out the wonders of Mister UMa.  Leave no photon

If you any of you out there have photomultiplier tubes, or are inclined
to try experiments with moving the star image (possibly by disconnecting
the clock drive), you might be able to measure the very rapid variability.
Some of you might even be able to SEE it.  Hard to imagine much more
fun than that!

Lotsa new stuff up on the website re the transient.

Koji asked for coverage of V1223 Sgr to accompany the Chandra observation
- you bet!  Let's get about a week's coverage of V1223 Sgr starting right
away.  HP Lib is the best southern target before Sgr rises (unless V2051
Oph is still bright, in which case it's better).


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