(cba:news) Re: AB Nor superoutburst (fwd)

Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Sun Apr 9 20:08:28 EDT 2000

Dear CBAers,

As some of you know, Stan Walker has identified a new SU UMa star in
superoutburst - AB Nor.  Here is his report from last night.  This is
definitely a good southern target right now.  For borealites, fire
at will on BC UMa and the new X-ray transient in UMa.

Some quite beautiful data coming in on BC UMa.  Ask, and I'll send it.
Been an amazing year for UMa.


Stan's note:


In rather difficult conditions on April 9.35 - 9.50UT I obtained another 4
hours of CCD measures of AB Normae. There is a definite superhump at JD
2451643.924. The star was declining from a hump at .851 when observations
began and rising to, or at a peak, at .002 when cloud finally closed in.
These define a period around 0.078 to 0.079 (coincidentally similar to VW
and WX Hydri). The amplitude appeared smaller at ~0.3 magnitudes but the
humps still have a sharp rise with some structure on the decline.
Brightness outside the superhumps is similar to the previous night. 


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