(cba:news) AO Piscium, the curtain falls

Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Mon Oct 18 17:15:30 EDT 1999

Olde Whiteface is getting too close to AO Psc, and will remain too close
for 5 days.  I think it's *now* time to end the campaign.

IP Peg is no picnic either, but should possibly stay visible as the Moon 
never gets closer than about 16 degrees.  That's a good one for continuing

The new kid on the block is V709 Cas, nee RX0028+593.  Time to start that
campaign up in earnest.  The bright-star replacement is V592 Cas, probably
the best one for the bright nights which lie immediately ahead.

Sorry they're all northern, but I'm hoping the southerners can help us on
IP Peg!


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