(cba:news) AO Piscium, the lonely one

Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Thu Oct 7 10:49:59 EDT 1999

It's lonely in the skies (lack of nearby comparisons) and lonely in the
CBA coverage (so far Dave West only).  Yet it's pulsing away with the
biggest 14 minute amplitude ever and a freshly minted superhump - where
none was observed, expected, or even guessed before.  

                WHO WILL BUY

this wonderful star?  We urgently need more coverage from all observers,
and we're *begging* observers from non-Arizona longitudes. It's probably a 
*negative* superhump, but only an extended-longitude study can test this
for sure.  Dave's
comparison star is about 1 mag fainter than AO - see if you can find and
use this guy (Dave, can you send the offset position to
cba-news at cbastro.org).

This was my favorite star in the summer of 1980.  Never dreamt it had so
much life left in it!


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