(cba:news) V751 Cyg

Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Sun Oct 3 14:00:25 EDT 1999

Oh, I forgot to mention V751 Cyg.  This was a great campaign, one of our
best ever!  Very fine contributions from Dave East, Cap'n Bob, and Lew
Cook.  We certainly could use some help from other longitudes,
especially if you actually have the data in hand.  The star showed all
the normal signatures of negative superhumps, and quite grand ones at
that.  By the way, John, would you buy this star as an SW Sexer?

No trace of Porb in the light curve.

We have a 20 day campaign, possibly enough.  There's merit in tracking
the signal over longer baselines, though - so continue if you like this 
star.  (I just wanted to promote AO Psc vigorously in the the last message
since that's one we need to get newly organized for.


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