(cba:news) The Fish Has Rested

Joe Patterson jop at astro.columbia.edu
Mon Nov 22 14:47:48 EST 1999

Dear CBAers,

Well with my little break I finally could finish the analysis on AO Psc.
The results are tres interesting...

Very large pulsation signals at 858.7 and 805.2 s.  The usual signatures
of DQ Her stars.

Smooth orbital modulation at 0.1496 d.  Also fairly standard.

Strong superhump at 0.1661 d.  I agonized greatly about this because it
was very close to 6.000 c/d, and reached maximum suspiciously close to
meridian passage over Tucson.  But Lasse's and Stan's data from greatly
different longitudes established its reality.

Weak pulse at w-Wsh, the low-frequency "apsidal sideband" of the rotation
(X-ray) frequency.

What a horn of plenty it is!

Cap'n Bob's coverage of Cet 7 and Tmz V36 was very disappointing - I think
these stars should be flunked out after that first audition.  On the other
hand, Tau 2 was very interesting and would be an excellent target as soon
as the Moon gets outa the way.

For these moonlit nights, consider FY Per - bright and all-night. It
appears to show occasional 90 min waves, although its orbital period is
about 6.2 hours.  A very good target for small telescopes around the

I also hope that you folks keep the faith on IP Peg and U Gem - we want to
keep following the changes in eclipse waveform and timing as the stars
subside from their recent outbursts.

Just saw the news about the Leonid hitting the Moon.  The solar system
sure seems like a more dangerous place than when I was first learning
about it!


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