(cba:news) changes, and data archiving and processing

Jonathan Kemp jk at cbastro.org
Fri Nov 19 12:48:23 EST 1999

Dear CBAers,

Just a few notes on recent changes to CBA and its web site.

 - Data archiving is now active!  Please send data files to 
   cba-data at cbastro.org where they will be archived and passed along to
   Joe and myself.  Messages pertaining to data sets, quality, accuracy,
   etc., should also be sent to this address.  You will get a return
   receipt verifying that your mail has been received.  Please feel free
   to include as much info as you want in the subject line about the data
   set and feel free to include additional info in the body.  We'll
   eventually  post a page about CBA data taking and submission.  As
   usual, we are fond of the two-column format (truncated JD vs. delta
   mag), but we can deal with a variety of data formats.

 - As you've probably figured out, we've moved to www.cbastro.org.

 - CBA news dissemination should happen through cba-news at cbastro.org.
   If you wish to contact all CBAers, please use this address.

 - General information queries to CBAs Oracle and New York should be sent
   to cba-info at cbastro.org.

Joe and myself have been a bit busy of late, as you've probably noticed.
The inaugural Universe Semester has had its share of excitements and
headaches, but we'll return to our slightly more communicative (and
research-oriented) selves in about a month.  A little bit more time will
then be devoted to CBA stuff by each of us, and to the web site which has
grown a bit stale of late (my apologies!), which is now starting to change
a bit.  I hope to add and change things more frequently and we anticipate
that it will become a bit more dynamic.  The spring semester will be
comparatively less demanding and we hope to exert more energies to areas in
which we've been a bit sluggish of late...

Oh, and here's a summary of those addresses:

  www.cbastro.org - CBA web site
  cba-data at cbastro.org - submission of data and data-related messages
  cba-info at cbastro.org - queries to CBAs Oracle and New York
  cba-news at cbastro.org - communications with all CBAers

CBA Oracle

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