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Dear CBAers,

La Nina continues to roar away in the Southwest U.S., and the star-
projects just keep falling.  We're finished not only with V709 Cas, but
also V452 Cas and KUV2301+27.  Got very satisfactory periods for 'em all.

So let's press our luck, with some altogether new stars!  Here are three
which have had no significant time-series photometry done, and which
exhibit peculiarities much deserving of study.  All probably CVs, though
even that is not established in the absence of photometric coverage.

Cet 7   0109-08   V=15
HV And  0040+43     16
Tau 2   0400+06     15.5

All catalogoued with precise positions in DWS97 (April 1997 PASP).

We also want to stalk IP Peg and U Gem for the rest of their observing
seasons, to follow the changes in the eclipse through the outburst cycle.
This is good for occasional, not relentless, coverage.

Then there are the DQ Her stars, for which we want scattered pulse
timings.  These are mainly AO Psc, FO Aqr, V405 Aur, and BG CMi.  Watch
that clock for accuracy!

Send me what ya get.  The students have a break in 3 days, which means I
have a little one too.


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